How Do You Fix Broken Makeup?

How Do You Fix Broken Makeup?

To fix broken makeup, cover it with plastic wrap, pulverize it with a cosmetic spatula, remove the plastic, add rubbing alcohol, and smooth the surface with the spatula. This 10-minute process requires plastic wrap, a small spatula, rubbing alcohol, an eye dropper and a small makeup brush.

  1. Apply plastic wrap

    Cover the broken makeup with a sheet of plastic wrap.

  2. Pulverize the makeup

    Pulverize the makeup with one end of a small cosmetic spatula. Poke it gently through the plastic wrap until the entire product is a fine powder.

  3. Add rubbing alcohol

    Remove the plastic wrap. Fill a small eye dropper with rubbing alcohol, and dribble it over the powdered makeup. Add additional droppers full of alcohol until the powder is spongy and easy to spread with the spatula.

  4. Smooth the surface

    Draw the spatula across the surface of the makeup until it is smooth and even. Place a drop of alcohol on a small cosmetic brush, and smooth it over the surface. Add another drop of alcohol, and run it around the edge of the makeup pan. If the rest of the compact has powder residue on it, add more alcohol to the brush, and wipe it over the surface until the compact is clean.

  5. Dry the makeup

    Leave the makeup exposed to the air until the alcohol evaporates, and then close the container and store it.