How Do You Fix Brassy Hair Highlights?

Use toner or glaze, add lowlights and change shampoo to fix overly brassy hair highlights at home. Got Beauty also recommends changing colors gradually and staying within a couple of shades of the natural color to limit brassiness.

The first solution to correcting brassy highlights is to use color toner, glaze or gloss to counteract the unwanted brassiness. While toning is typically done in a salon, Got Beauty explains that a beauty supply store can help choose the right shade. Toner only works to correct brassiness if the base color of the hair is correct and only the highlights are brassy. Toner is a temporary fix.

Adding lowlights is one of the best solutions for dealing with brassy highlights. Lowlights are strands of darker color added back into the hair, usually resulting in a beautiful and natural look. While the experienced home colorist can probably put in lowlights on her own, most people go to hair salons for this solution, according to Got Beauty.

Changing shampoos may help get rid of brassy tones in highlights. Using a purple-toned shampoo designed for blonde or platinum hair often helps balance out the overly orange tones of brassy hair, according to Got Beauty. In addition, switching to a color care shampoo helps keep the brassiness under control.