What Are Five Ways to Dress Professionally for Work?


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Five ways to dress professionally for work include dressing appropriately for the particular job that is being performed, wearing clothing that is neat and clean, avoiding faddish fashion choices, covering the body appropriately and wearing neutral colors in classic designs. Wearing a conservative suit is the most professional choice for those who work in an office setting.

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Clothing that is considered appropriate and professional is determined by occupation, location and often the personal preferences of the person in charge. Women who work in an office setting or who deal with the public should typically wear long skirts or pants and shirts with high necklines to present a professional appearance. Any makeup or jewelry that is worn should be tasteful and kept to a minimum. Men who work in an office setting should typically wear ties, suit jackets and dress pants. Some offices allow employees to dress in a manner known as business casual.

The appropriate style of dress for women who must wear professional business casual attire does not change, although some employers will allow knee-length skirts and dressy capri pants. For men, professional business casual attire consists of collared shirts, pleated pants and dress shoes. Many offices also have a specific dress code that dictates what employees can and cannot wear.

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