How Do You Fit Sunglasses?

Finding the right sunglasses for you means choosing a frame and color that works with your specific face shape and skin tone. To start the process, get in front of a mirror and study your features to get an idea of what style of sunglasses may fit the shape of your face.

  1. Determine your face shape

    Examine you facial features and decide if your face is oval, round, triangular, angular, square, oblong, diamond or heart shaped.

  2. Choose a frame that is the opposite of your face shape

    If you have a square face, try a softly rounded lens. If your face is diamond shaped, an oval or a rimless look may work best. Square frames often look nice on oval faces.

  3. Determine if you have a warm or cool skin tone

    Cool-toned or lighter skin matches up best with frames that are black, blue, violet or dark tortoise. Warmer or golden skin looks best with camel, khaki, red or peach frames.

  4. Consider the size of your face

    If you have a very large face, pick sunglasses that are proportionate to your face's size and width. For a very petite face, for example, ensure the glasses do not overpower your features.