How Do You Fit Into Shoes That Are Too Big?

fit-shoes-big Credit: Chris Jackson / Staff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To fit into shoes that are too big, add some material to the inside of the shoe to fill out the extra space between the foot and the shoe. Depending on the type of shoe, this added material might consist of thick socks, padded insole inserts or moleskin patches at the heel of the shoe or under the ball of the foot.

Various companies, such as Dr. Scholl's, manufacture different kinds of inserts to make wearing shoes more comfortable. These inserts include pads to put under the ball of the foot, gel insoles to make standing easier on the feet, and moleskin-type cushions to pad areas where the shoe and the foot come into friction with one another.

Try using some of these inserts to fill out the extra space in a shoe that is too big. For instance, moleskin pads at the heel can help keep a foot from slipping out of a pump with a heel that's wider than your the foot. Gel insoles can raise the foot inside the shoe, reducing the amount of vertical space in a shoe that is too big. Additionally, the user may be likely to find that walking and standing are much more comfortable.

If you typically wear socks with overly-large shoes, try wearing a slightly thicker sock to see if it solves the sizing problem. Before purchasing shoes, it’s recommended that consumers have the foot sized using a Brannock device to make sure the shoe will fit exactly.