How Do You Fit Pointe Shoes Correctly?


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There are several issues to consider when fitting pointe shoes correctly, including finding the right size, stiffness and shoe box. The most important factor is finding a pointe shoe professional who ensures the right shoe is found and fitted precisely and comfortably.

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A properly fitted pointe shoe is vital to the success of the dancer, so a professional should be contacted for a scheduled fitting, who is able to take accurate measure of the feet for the fabric and ensure the fit is correct, neither overly tight or too loose. A professional is also able to recommend a fit based on foot and toe shape, which is integral to the type of box necessary for an accurate shoe.

It is helpful to have a ballet instructor present when the pointe shoes are fitted, as her expertise and experience can help when deciding how stiff the shoe should be and advise on the box size and overall width. It is also important to establish the correct vamp length, which is the area from the tip of the shoe to the opening, to ensure the top of the shoe completely covers the toe for maximum support and comfort.

When deciding on the correct fit, it is important to wear tights and other necessary padding on the feet that are usually worn in order to establish precise shape. Shoes should not be fitted after a day of walking or dancing, as the feet may be swollen and the fit is not accurate.

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