How Do You Do a Fishbone Hairstyle?

How Do You Do a Fishbone Hairstyle?

A fishbone hairstyle is achieved by dividing the hair into two equal sections at the nape and taking an outer section of hair from one side and integrating it into the other section and repeating from left to right and right to left until the ends of the hair are reached. Tie the ends with a ribbon or elastic to hold the fishbone braid.

In order to create a fishbone hairstyle:

  1. Prepare the hair-
  2. Start with freshly washed and dried hair. Comb through to detangle and add a moisturizing oil or leave-in conditioner before starting to braid.

  3. Braid the hair-
  4. Divide the hair in two equal sections. The hair can be divided in half down the center or from the side to create a side fishbone braid. Take a thin strand from the outer part of the left section and merge in into the inner part of the right section. Take a thin section from the outer right section and integrate it into the inner left section of hair.

  5. Repeat until finished
  6. Keep repeating steps until the ends of the hair are reached. The thinner the sections of hair, the more intricate the braid becomes. Variations of the fishbone hairstyle can be merged into one braid down the side or the back. Tie the ends of the hair with an elastic band or ribbon to hold the braid.