How Do You Get a Finger Piercing?

How Do You Get a Finger Piercing?

To get a finger piercing, decide whether to get a dermal or surface piercing, go to a professional to have the piercing done, and take care of the finger afterward. Initial healing takes about 10 weeks, but the piercing can take six months to a year to heal completely.

  1. Find a professional piercer

    Look for piercers online, and check out their reviews. Inspect the shop of any prospective piercer to make sure it is clean and professional.

  2. Get the piercing

    Choose either a dermal or surface piercing, and make an appointment with the chosen piercer. A finger piercing should take a bit longer than a standard surface piercing.

  3. Care for the piercing

    The piercer should provide aftercare information. Follow any information provided to avoid infection. Soak the piercing in sea salt and warm water solution frequently. Take care not to accidentally pull the piercing out.