How Do You Fill a Zippo Lighter?

How Do You Fill a Zippo Lighter?

To fill a Zippo lighter, work in a safe location, pull the inside unit from the case, and locate the fuel chamber and packing material. Slowly pour the lighter fluid until it reaches the top of the packing material, wipe away excess fluid and put the lighter back together.

  1. Find a safe location

    Find a spot that is well ventilated and not near heat, fire or flame. Lay down newspaper over the surface where you are filling the lighter to protect from spills.

  2. Prepare the lighter

    Open the lighter case, and remove the inside unit. Locate the felt pad on the bottom, and lift the corner. This shows the fuel chamber and its packing material.

  3. Pour the lighter fluid

    Slowly pour the lighter fluid so that it saturates the packing material. Stop pouring the fluid as it nears the top of the packing material. If the lighter is overfilled, it can leak lighter fluid.

  4. Clean the lighter

    Pat the felt pad back down on the bottom of the inside unit. Use a cloth to wipe away excess fluid from the unit.

  5. Put the lighter back together

    Place the inside unit back into the case. Close the case and the fuel can. Clean any spilled lighter fluid.