How Do You Fill a Zippo?

How Do You Fill a Zippo?

Refill a Zippo lighter by removing the lighter mechanism from the outer case and filling the cotton-filled fluid chamber at the bottom of the mechanism. To do this, you need a bottle of appropriate lighter fluid, as well as a cloth to clean up any spills.

  1. Remove the inner lighter mechanism

    Before disassembling a Zippo, ensure it is cool to avoid burns. Open the Zippo lid without creating any flame. Grasp the lighter mechanism with one hand and the outer case with the other. Pull the mechanism free of the case. The case should be set aside for reassembly. For safety reasons, do not attempt to light the Zippo while it is disassembled. Doing so may result in severe burns.

  2. Fill the fluid chamber

    Open the bottle of lighter fluid. If the nozzle is difficult to lift, the edge of the casing can be used to lift it. Turn the lighter mechanism upside down. In most models, there is a cotton pad across the bottom of the chamber. Lift it up, and with the bottle of fluid tipped upside down, gently squeeze fluid onto the cotton filling. Be careful not to oversaturate the filling, as doing so may cause drips.

  3. Reassemble the Zippo

    Replace the cotton cover, and turn the mechanism upright. Slide it back into the outer casing, ensuring that the spring lock is facing the case hinge. Once reassembled, wipe the lighter with a cloth to clean up any spills or drips. After the lighter is clean, it is safe to use.