How Do You Fill in Eyebrows?

How Do You Fill in Eyebrows?

To fill in eyebrows, sharpen a brow pencil within two shades of your hair color, and apply it in light, short strokes. Then pluck stray hairs and apply clear brow gel. This 10-minute procedure requires a brow pencil, a pencil sharpener, clear brow gel, a mirror and tweezers.

  1. Sharpen the pencil

    Sharpen the eyebrow pencil into a fine point.

  2. Apply the pencil

    Draw light thin, strokes, following the natural contour of your eyebrows. Do not press hard or attempt to reshape your brows. Focus on filling in the skin between the hairs.

  3. Darken the arch

    Apply an extra layer of color to the bottom of each brow. This improves their definition without looking unnatural.

  4. Pluck stray hairs

    Examine your brows in a magnifying mirror. If you have stray hairs growing outside of your natural brow arch, pluck them with slanted tweezers. Grasp each hair individually, and remove it with a sharp, horizontal tug.

  5. Apply clear brow gel

    Keep your eyebrows and eyebrow makeup in place with a coating of clear brow gel. Open the tube of brow gel, scrape the brush on the neck of the tube to remove excess product, and swipe the gel in the direction of the hair growth. Apply a light coat to each brow, and give it five minutes to dry. Apply a second coat only if your brows are very thick and unruly.