How Do You Figure Out Ring Size?


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Figure out ring size by measuring the finger while at room temperature, cutting a non-stretchy string to about 6 inches long, and wrapping the string around the base of the finger. Mark the string with a pen, and then compare it to a ring size guide, which may be found online.

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  1. Make sure the finger is at room temperature

    If the finger is hot or cold, allow it settle to room temperature. Fingers expand and contract depending on the temperature, preventing an accurate measurement.

  2. Measure and cut a length of string

    Find a non-stretchy string, measure it to 6 inches long, and cut it. If no string is available, use a 6-inch long piece of paper that is no wider than ¼ inch.

  3. Wrap the string around the finger

    Place one end of the string on the base of the finger the ring is to go on, and wrap the string around it. Make sure the string is snug but avoid making it too tight.

  4. Place a mark on the string

    Mark the spot where the end meets the string with a pen. Cut the string on the mark.

  5. Compare the string to a chart

    Use a ring-sizing chart by holding the cut string up to the lines. When you find a match, make note of the size.

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