What Is Festive Attire?


Festive attire often appears as a dress code term around the holiday season, and it generally means cocktail attire with a bit of holiday flair, such as a red skirt for women or a holiday-colored, striped top for men. The goal of festive attire is to dress appropriately for a holiday party without going too far, such as with a Christmas sweater full of snowmen or reindeer.

There are several options for men and women when it comes to festive attire. For example, women may opt for black slacks with a colorful and preferably holiday-colored top. Another example is a dress with a bold color or print in holiday colors. Another option for women is to add a playful element to an outfit by using a glittery piece of jewelry or a fancy clutch. For men, an appropriate choice for an outfit may include a casually dressy sport coat along with a more formal and elegant cardigan or pullover.

Whether male or female, festive attire demands a bit of effort to look ready for the occasion, whether it is Christmas, Cinco de Mayo or another holiday. One rule to remember is to avoid feeling pressured to wear a piece of clothing or accessory that directly resembles the holiday, such as reindeer-print attire.