What Are Some Female Back Tattoos?


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Back tattoos that women prefer include flowers, butterflies and feathers. The back creates a surface for extensive body art, and the tattoo can easily be hidden with clothing.

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Flower tattoos like the lotus are a sign of life, intelligence and enlightenment, which is why these images are popular among many people who have back tattoos. Other flowers, like the cherry blossom, also make beautiful tattoos. The cherry blossom represents the fleeting nature of life, since the blossom is beautiful temporarily, until the wind blows the petals away. In Japanese culture, a single butterfly is a symbol for young womanhood, while two butterflies are a sign of marital happiness.

However, the Aztecs believed that butterflies symbolized women who passed away during childbirth or a soldier who died in combat. A single feather tattoo is often viewed as a sign of good luck, but can also be a symbol of death or birth. The various feathers of birds have different meanings as well. For instance, the owl is seen as a sign of protection from evil. The peacock symbolizes rebirth or renewal and is also a sign of loyalty. Tattoos that feature eagle feathers can be a sign of United States patriotism, but also symbolize bravery and a sense of freedom.

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