How Do You Felt Wool?


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There are two ways to hand felt wool: the dry process and the wet process. The dry process uses thin needles pushed through the wool in order to combine the fibers. The wet process utilizes hot water.

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Star-shaped and triangle-shaped needles are the two types of tools used in dry felting. The shape of the needle determines the technique used and the feel of the felt. To dry felt, place some wool yarn onto a felting mat and bunch it together into a mold or ball. Use the needle and poke the wool. Continue to poke the wool gently and slowly into the desired shape with the needle until the wool is no longer soft and the fibers no longer stray.

When wet felting, take into account the shrinkage of wool caused by the hot water and friction. To wet felt, place the wool onto a bubble wrap sheet twice the area of the wool and sprinkle hot soapy water on it. Fold the bubble wrap over the wool and rub the surface to felt it. Add more hot water if it becomes too cool and continue to rub it. After some time, pinch the wool. If it stays in place, roll the wool and bubble wrap up tightly, then unroll it, repeating the motion until the wool is hardened. Separate the wool from the bubble wrap, and let it dry on a flat surface.

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