What Are the Features of a Timex Indiglo Watch?


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Timex Indiglo watches illuminate at the touch of a button to allow individuals to read the watch face while in the dark. The watch uses a technique called electroluminescence to evenly illuminate a zinc sulfide and copper compound on thewatch dial.

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Indiglo is a brand name that is owned by the watch company Timex. The brand was originally used for night lights in 1988, but Timex bought the brand and patent in order to make their watches readable in the dark. There are many different Timex watches that have Indiglo capabilities from classic watches with analog displays to modern watches with digital displays. The Indiglo feature is not visible and does not affect the look of the watch, but when the button is pressed to turn Indiglo on, the entire watch dial illuminates evenly.

The dial of a Timex Indiglo watch is coated with a zinc sulfide and copper compound. This compound glows with an indigo color when an electric charge passes through it. The Timex watch has a button that, when pressed, shoots a charge through the thin layer of zinc sulfide and copper which illuminates the watch dial for a couple seconds. Some Indiglo watches only illuminate the numbers on the dial, making the digital display easier to read in the dark.

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