What Are Some Features of Spyder GS Suits?


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Spyder GS ski suits generally feature an anatomically contoured fit; forearm, knee, upper arm and thigh padding; and thumb anchors. These ski racing suits are available in men's and women's performance and World Cup styles as of 2015.

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All available styles of Spyder GS racing suits feature a front stretch zipper, anatomically designed fit, arm and leg padding, and thumb anchors. These features allow the suits to fit each wearer as smoothly and snugly as possible. Thumb anchors hold the sleeves in place and prevent them from sliding up the arms, while the padding offers extra protection in case of a fall. The padding is removable in both men's and women's performance GS suits.

Performance GS race suits are constructed from micro-polyester knit bonded to breathable laminate. World Cup styles feature polyester diamond knit 3L bonded material with X-static technology. The polyester knit improves the air porosity of the suit, while the X-static technology helps regulated body temperature and reduce sweating, odor and static cling.

Each style of GS suit is available in multiple colors. Women's styles are made in sizes from small to extra large, while men's styles go up to size XXL. Women's sizes in general are designed with more room in the chest and a more tapered waist.

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