What Features Should You Look for When Buying Luggage Wheel Parts?

Features to look for when buying luggage wheel parts include maneuverability, the luggage wheeling system and the material the wheels are made of in particular. Buyers should also consider the protection on the wheels and how they are fastened to the luggage base. These factors determine the durability and quality of the luggage wheels.

Harder materials are better as they do not bend or deform easily. Polyurethane wheels are resilient and last long with frequent use. Other materials include plastic and rubber, which may wear down easily. The wheels should also be easy to maneuver when full of luggage. Wheels that have high-quality ball bearings move around freely and do not jam.

Wheels that are fastened to the luggage base with screws are better than those fastened with rivets as screws can be replaced easily and have a stronger hold. The luggage wheels should have protection, especially at the corners, to withstand rough handling.

Wheels that can spin around in any direction are useful as they reduce the strain and effort of turning the luggage. Wheels with 360-degree rotation allow users to turn heavy bags without lifting them. Buyers should also consider the number of wheels they intend to purchase. More wheels are better, especially for individuals who frequently push their luggage through narrow or tight spots.