What Are the Features of Nike Free Run+ 3 Shoes?


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The main features of the Nike Free Run+ 3 shoes are lightweight performance, comfort and flexibility. The shoe provides the benefits of barefoot running, but with the proper protection in place.

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Tested by a group of Stanford athletes, the Nike Free Run+ 3 running shoe offers the benefits of barefoot running with the proper protection. The shoe accommodates the natural landing angles of the feet as well as toe positioning. The shoe also keeps the feet locked in place when partaking in strenuous runs or when on ragged terrains. They fit well and don't develop hot spots.

The shoe's sole is made from phylite and abrasion-resistant BRS 1000 carbon rubber pads that keep the shoe light and durable. The upper part of the shoe is made of nanoply, which promotes foot security and breathability. The shoe, which is considered unconventional, also features cushioning, traction and underfoot protection. It has a molded sockliner that mimics the foot's natural curvature, keeping comfort in mind. The shoe has outsole pistons that help absorb the impact caused by running. The shoe is offered for both men and women. Though primarily running shoes, the Nike Free Run+ 3 running shoe can also be used for sports, hiking or everyday wear.

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