What Are the Features of Nike Mercurial Superfly Shoes?

What Are the Features of Nike Mercurial Superfly Shoes?

Nike Mercurial Superfly shoes are soccer cleats that are lightweight, flexible and provide traction on various surfaces. Nike sells firm ground, soft ground and artificial grass variations of its Mercurial Superfly cleats.

A distinguishing feature of all three types of the Mercurial Superfly is a sock-like and tongue-less flexible fabric top. Nike's Flyknit fabric hugs the ankle while providing support, breathability and free range of movement. The carbon-fiber cleats are durable, lightweight and grip the ground. The low-profile upper portion of the cleat, composed of Nike's Flyknit fabric and NikeSkin, is designed to offer optimal comfort and performance regardless of weather conditions.

The three styles of Mercurial Superfly cleats have distinct features that aid performance on different types of playing fields.

The firm ground style allows for precise movement on dry or slightly damp fields. Its contoured liner provides foot support and comfort.

The soft ground variation comes with two different sets of detachable aluminum cleats that can be interchanged as needed. Soft ground cleats are intended for wet and muddy grass conditions and are designed to minimize slipping.

The artificial grass Mercurial Superfly cleats boast a rubber cleat as well as smaller, secondary cleats that provide additional traction and control on artificial turf surfaces. Pads in the sole of the cleat allow for even distribution of pressure, which gives athletes enhanced control and agility.