What Are Some Features of the Kinekt Gear Ring?

Some of the features of the Kinekt Gear Ring include stainless steel material, micro-precision gears, availability in 16 standard U.S. ring sizes and style that works for both men and women. The standard U.S. sizes range from five to 20.

Gear Rings are made using 316L: a surgical stainless steel mostly used in the jewelry market to help prevent rusting, fading and tarnishing. The material is hypoallergic, meaning that it cannot cause problems to those with metal allergies, bend or break, according to Kinekt Innovation Elevated. Although there is a wide range of rig sizes available, people who are unsure of their sizes can refer the sizing chart at Kinektdesign.com, where instructions and measurements representing ring sizes in Canada and the U.S. can be found. The company does not offer engraving services in cases where rings fail to fit customers, but recommends taking them to a jeweler once purchased.

Kinekt is a small family-run company specializing in jewelry and product deign. As of August 2015, it sells Gear Rings and Gear Necklaces, both of which are built from the same materials, and shirts. The company advises customers not to use harsh household chemicals or abrasives to clean their jewels as this may cause damage to the protective coat.