What Are Some Features of Assurance Wipes?

Assurance Premium Pre-Moistened Disposable Washcloths are cotton-fortified wet wipes enhanced with moisturizing lotion. The wipes are thick, durable and clean skin effectively without irritating it. The highly textured surface mimics the texture of a fabric washcloth and helps remove stubborn grime.

Assurance Premium Pre-Moistened Disposable Washcloths are available in regular and extra-large sizes. The resealable pop-up package keeps wipes moist and opens with a single touch. The extra-large washcloths are a convenient substitute for bathing on camping trips and in other situations where fresh water is unavailable. Uses for the regular size wipes include on-the-go spill cleanup and lavatory hygiene. Assurance Premium Pre-Moistened Disposable Washcloths clean as effectively as traditional soaped washcloths, but do not require rinsing.

Assurance manufactures several other personal hygiene products, including Maximum Absorbency Underpads. These disposable pads use odor-blocking technology to prevent urine odors from contaminating bedding, mattresses and other furniture. They have waterproof bottoms that keep the underlying surfaces dry, and are absorbent enough for overnight use. Assurance Maximum Absorbency Underpads also retain their strength when saturated.

Assurance also offers disposable incontinence underwear for men and women. The individually-wrapped disposable undergarments block odors and wick wetness away from the skin, reducing the risk of irritation.