How Do You Feather Hair?

To feather the hair, cut it with long layers and pointed ends. Blow dry the hair away from the face with a round brush, curl the hair in vertical sections, and pull the curls into feathers.

  1. Cut long layers in the hair

    With the hair wet and combed straight down, trim the perimeter to the desired length. Divide out a center section of the top, and cut to the desired layer length. Use this as a stationary guide for the length of the layers. Lift sections of hair at 180 degrees to the stationary guide, and cut straight across.

  2. Add point cuts

    To create more of the feathered texture, point cut the ends of the layers. Draw them back up to the 180-degree elevation, angle scissors at a 45-degree angle, and snip sections out of the layers.

  3. Dry the hair back

    Add a texturizing product such as mousse to the roots. With the blow dryer on a low-heat, high-air setting, dry the hair mostly dry while finger combing. Switch to using a round brush. Pull the hair taut with the round brush while aiming the nozzle down the shaft. Guide the waves away from the face.

  4. Curl the hair

    Divide out a vertical section of hair. Roll the hair away from the face, keeping the curling iron vertical. Repeat these curls until you get to the back of the hair. Curl the other side away from the face in the same manner.

  5. Brush out the curls

    Use a round brush to feather the hair by pulling the curls back away from the face.