What Is a Fast Way to Hem Pants?


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Hem pants quickly by first ripping out the original hem with a seam ripper. Then, put on the pants, and fold up the extra fabric to the desired length, pinning it to hold. Take the pants off, and turn them inside out. Apply a thin layer of fabric glue on the inside edge of the new fold, then press the fabric down until the glue sticks. Allow the pants to dry for 24 hours.

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Quickly hem pants using a traditional needle and thread. First, remove the existing hem with a seam ripper, put the pants on, and measure the fabric to the desired hem length. Place a pin in the pant leg on either side to mark the measurement.

Take the pants off, and turn them inside out. Beginning at one pin on either side, draw a line across the pant at the new hem length. Using that line, fold and pin the extra pant fabric all the way around the leg. Using sewing shears, cut the extra fabric off at the line.

Using a needle a thread, sew about 1/4 inch of fabric into the inside of the pants to prevent them from unraveling. Make a stitch every 1/4 inch to ensure a tight seal.

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