What Are Some Fast and Easy Hairstyles?


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Fast and easy hairstyles include the messy bun, the headband tuck, the fanned-out bun, and the reversed French twist ponytail. All these hairstyles work best for long hair and require minimal accessories, such as hair elastics, bobby pins or headbands.

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To achieve the messy bun and fanned-out bun styles, pull the hair into a high ponytail, then wrap the hair into a bun and secure it with an elastic or a bobby pin. For the fannedout style, simply use your hands to fan out the bun, then pin the rest of the ponytail to the back of the head. The reversed French twist ponytail is slightly more complex. To create it, start with a low ponytail, then manually twist the ponytail into a chignon, making sure to pin every half inch for support.

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