What Fashions Look Good With Fabric Belts?


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Fabric belts are casual belt options that pair well with informal clothing, such as jeans, shorts and casual dresses. They tend to look good as part of a summer wardrobe, as long as the belt fits with the rest of the outfit. Fabric belts with a neutral appearance are an option with dressier outfits, such as suits, but they usually aren't a good choice for formal occasions.

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Since jeans are a casual choice of pants, they pair well with fabric belts as part of a relaxed outfit. For a polished style, choose dark jeans and a fabric belt that matches the color of your shoes. For everyday casual wear, light or faded jeans pair well with colorful fabric belts to stand out in a crowd.

Fabric belts make good accents on casual dresses. When worn over a dress, a fabric belt adds definition to the waistline and provides a unique appearance. Belts similar to the color of the dress and belts that contrast with it are both valid options. A belt similar in color blends into the clothing, lengthening and slimming your look. A belt with contrasting color is a better choice if you want to draw attention to your waist.

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