What Are Some Fashionable Wardrobe Items for Men Over the Age of 50?


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Good quality, well-fitting items, including tailored, straight-legged trousers; collared striped shirts; polo-neck t-shirts; and dark denim jeans, are essentials for the wardrobe of a man over 50. For a formal touch, a classic three-piece suit is a good addition to the wardrobe.

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Lighter-colored trousers in beige, blue and green are good for casual wear, while black and grey are more suitable for formal office wear. In terms of formal and casual shirts, lighter colors with simple and small prints or narrow stripes are more age-appropriate. Loafers, deck shoes, smart suede espadrilles and a high-quality pair of slip-on boots make nice additions to an older man's wardrobe. A three-piece suit with the option of either a waistcoat or a jacket provides versatility to mix and match depending on the occasion for which the person is dressing. Finally, the most critical element for a man in his 50s is to ensure the clothes fit well, are in good condition and are comfortable.

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