What Are Some Fashionable Sunglasses?


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Some fashionable sunglasses are aviator sunglasses, round-frame sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses and D-frame sunglasses. The type of sunglasses a person chooses depends on the shape of his face and his preferred style.

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When shopping for fashionable sunglasses, choose frames that flatter the shape of your face. The general rule is to choose sunglasses that are the opposite of the shape of your face. For example, people with round faces look great in rectangular sunglasses, while people with angular faces look great in round sunglasses. Oval sunglasses are appropriate for almost any face shape.

Bausch & Lomb initially produced aviator sunglasses, but numerous other manufacturers also produce these sunglasses, as of 2016. Aviator sunglasses are dark with reflective lenses, and they have a thin metal frame and a double or triple bridge.

Round-frame glasses give you a vintage look. They highlight your facial features because they only take up a small portion of your face. D-frame sunglasses have a retro look and feature sharp, straight slices at the top of the rims. Mirrored sunglasses have reflective lenses, and other people can use them as a mirror. They are very fashionable, as they create a mysterious persona. They also look great in photographs.

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