What Is the Fashion in Spain?

Spanish people typically tend to wear high-quality designer clothing that is relatively conservative and made of cotton, wool and fine leather. Quality clothes are widely sought after in Spain, and the Spanish enjoy many of the same brands as the rest of the world, including Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

Spanish fashion trends can vary slightly by region as less modest clothes are much more widely expected in coastal areas. Generally speaking, the Spanish tend to have smaller wardrobes than westerners, but with designer clothing that is made with quality. Trousers are more common than dresses or skirts among women and girls, and men often wear dress pants or jeans. Denim is very popular for pants and jackets and, as for both men and women, the most common shoes are made out of fine leather.

The older generations in Spain typically dress very conservatively, and the men especially wear very high-quality clothing. Immodest clothing is frowned upon throughout inland Spain, which is why the girls wear trousers and not skirts, and the men rarely wear athletic shorts in public. As with most cultures, fashion is a status indicator in Spain, which is why many locals try to purchase and wear designer clothing.