What Fashion Magazines Feature the Best Hair Color Highlights Photos and Styles?

Monthly magazines such as Allure and InStyle focus as much on beauty as fashion and tend to have the most up-to-date hair trends. Lucky Magazine also features updated styles.

Allure magazine has been in print since 1991, and it focuses primarily on beauty trends, including hairstyles, colors, makeup, skincare and fitness. It also gives out the annual Best of Beauty awards. The magazine's inspirations come mainly from the fashion runways. It keeps a vast catalog of hairstyles, sorted by length, color and texture, on its website as well. Allure regularly features articles on stylists and colorists around the country, making getting the season's trendiest looks an easy task.

InStyle magazine has a similar format, but with a larger focus on style in general, including fashion and decor in addition to beauty trends. It regularly includes features of celebrity hairstyles throughout their careers. Drawing inspiration from Hollywood instead of directly from the fashion world is what makes InStyle unique. It covers industry events such as the Oscars and Emmys and music festivals such as Coachella to bring many different types of celebrity hairstyles to its readers. Its website includes tutorials and has a special section for wedding hair and color ideas.

Glamour magazine offers a combination of fashion, celebrity and on-the-street trends in hair. It shares color and styling tips and reader hair makeovers, using "real" women instead of models. It provides before and after pictures, making it easy to recreate the results.