What Was Fashion Like in the 1960s?


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Fashion in the 1960s was quite diverse, depicting the social, cultural and economic diversity of that period. Consequent to this diversity and the accompanying changes, 1960s fashion was based on the cultural and social classes and movements of that period. For example, fashion of the middle class included culottes, go-go boots and box-shaped PVC dresses.

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The 1960s fashion industry was marked by hitherto unseen growth and changes, especially in cities across Europe and the Americas. Spearheading these fashion changes were modernists who largely influenced young people with the latest trends. With designers creating and producing more suitable clothing for young adults, there emerged a rapid increase in fashion interest and sales. Styles in major cities across Europe and the United States were controlled by top designers from cities such as Milan, Madrid, Paris and London. However, it was the youth, often referred to as mods and rockers, who controlled fashion. They dictated what was fashionable. Influential figures such as Jacqueline Kennedy, the then U.S. first lady, also influenced fashion in the 1960s. Besides the pillbox hat, stiletto heel shoes, bright and colorful men's ware, leather boots and collarless jackets also became widely popular.

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