What Was the Fashion for Jewelry in the 1970s?

fashion-jewelry-1970s Credit: RyanJLane/Vetta/Getty Images

Jewelry fashion in the 1970s included choker necklaces of different varieties. Often, these were made out of thin velvet ribbon and featured items such as peace symbol or cameo pendants.

Another type of jewelry that was very popular during the '70s was necklaces featuring turquoise and silver pieces in them. They looked as though they were inspired by Native American style. Beaded necklaces with Native American symbols and tiny beads were quite common at the time as well. Puka shell necklaces, which were similar to those that were worn in Hawaii, came in many colors and usually with earrings that matched.

Mood rings were among the most popular type of ring in the '70s. They were almost like magic as they could change colors based on the wearer's body heat. Other unique types of jewelry from this era include puzzle rings with three or four interlocking bands, charm bracelets and I.D. bracelets.