What Are Some Fashion Ideas for Spandex Leggings?


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Fashion ideas with spandex leggings include wearing them with dresses, skirts, blazers, tunic tops or sweaters. For everyday wear, shine-free leggings in darker or neutral colors are good choices.

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Wearing a dress or skirt over pants is a common style. An appropriate pair of leggings works as a substitute for pants. Blazers work as both indoor and outdoor wear, making them good choices with leggings. The blazer, like any other garment worn with leggings, should cover the wearer down to the mid-thigh or more. While shirts aren't good choices with leggings, tunic tops and sweaters are, as long as they provide enough coverage.

Shiny leggings can create the appearance of bulges and should be avoided. Darker or neutral legging colors are good choices for everyday wear because they work with a variety of outfits.

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