How Does Fashion Affect People?

Fashion affects people by influencing emotions and behavior. Fashion can help a person to feel a certain way about one?s self and to project a specific image to others.

Fashion choices can affect the image that a person projects outwardly and how others make judgments about that person. As a result, how a person is perceived by others can have positive or negative consequences. The type of fashion that a person chooses may help a person to appear more successful or wealthy and make him more likely to advance in a career, or in contrast may project a poor image and inhibit his chance for career success. Research demonstrates that a person?s appearance influences other people?s perception of his trustworthiness, suitability for hire or promotion, authority, and intelligence. The color of fashion that a person chooses to wear can also affect sex appeal.

The type of fashion that a person wears affects his behavior. A research study found that participants who were told they were wearing a doctor?s coat performed a task better than when told they were wearing a painter?s smock. Choosing the right fashion can boost a person?s self-esteem, confidence and mood. Dressing in certain clothing can help a person to feel better because it helps shift a person?s internal self, according to psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner.