What Is Some Fashion Advice for Women Over 50?

Some fashion advice for women over 50 includes mixing and matching classic pieces that fit well for professional attire, and pairing jeans that flatter the figure with a classic top for casual wear. When choosing a black dress for evening, women over 50 can ensure that it is versatile enough to wear as business attire during the day and is easily dressed up with accessories for a night out.

Women over 50 must avoid wearing boxy blazers and shoulder pads for work attire to ensure that their wardrobe does not appear outdated. Wear basic wardrobe pieces that are made of quality fabrics such as cashmere, wool and cotton. Some basic wardrobe pieces include a crisp white shirt, wool pants with some give in the fabric in black, navy, gray or khaki, and a leather coat that is suitable to wear year-round. Mix different prints and match them according to color tones in the pieces.

When choosing jeans for casual wear, women need to make sure to try on a variety of styles and fits to find the ones that are the most flattering and age-appropriate. The best jeans for women over 50 have a rise that falls between a low-rise cut that is more suitable for teenage girls and the classic high-rise cut.