What Fashion Accessories Go With a Short Bob Hairstyle?

What Fashion Accessories Go With a Short Bob Hairstyle?

Short bob hairstyles work well with distinctive barrettes or skinny headbands. Large dangle earrings can also look great with short bobs because they stand out and frame the wearer's face.

Barrettes are often more decorative than functional for short bobs, although they can help add shape to the style or keep hair out of the face. Women with short bobs often choose barrettes with bright colors or additions like crystals or silk flowers to create an interesting look. Skinny headbands are also useful for keeping hair in place but come in many colors and styles to complement clothing.

Many people with short bobs also use scarves or wider headbands. These are fashionable and attractive and also help hide a bad hair day. Bandanna-style scarves can complement a casual look, and more elaborate silk scarves can look dressy.

For formal events, some women use heat-activated hair crystals to add elegance to their bobs. These crystals stick directly to the hair. Clip-in feathers are also popular. These are usually worn so they extend just a little bit beyond the bottom of the hair.

Hair extensions are also a popular fashion accessory, especially for formal events. Many people use them to create fashionable updos for weddings, dances or other black-tie events.