What Are Some Famous Mustaches?


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Some famous mustaches include Hulk Hogan's Fu Manchu, Tom Selleck's and Albert Einstein's traditional thick upper lip, John Oates's chevron style, David Crosby's walrus, Charlie Chaplin's small mustache, Geraldo Rivera's near-handlebar, Jason Lee's drooper, John Waters's pencil mustache and Daniel Day Lewis's full handlebar mustache as Bill "the Butcher" Cutting.

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Other entertainers and television personalities known for their mustaches are Burt Reynolds, Frank Zappa, Dr. Phil, Alex Trebek, Groucho Marx, Will Ferrell in Anchorman, Freddie Mercury, Walter Cronkite, Richard Roundtree as Shaft, Clark Gable and Gene Shalit. Some famous and infamous politicians also sported mustaches, including Hitler, Stalin and Teddy Roosevelt.

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