What Are Some Famous Makeup Brands?


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Some of the most famous brands of makeup, as of 2014, include Maybelline New York, MAC Cosmetics, Avon and Urban Decay. Maybelline is a cosmetics brand that was inspired by Mabel Williams, the sister of company founder Thomas Lyle Williams. In 1915, Mabel Williams created a mixture for brows and eyelashes by combining coal dust and Vaseline. Thomas Williams refined the mixture and sold it by direct mail order.

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What Are Some Famous Makeup Brands?
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MAC Cosmetics originated in Toronto, Canada, in the early 1980s. In the beginning, MAC was designed to be used by makeup artists working in the beauty and fashion industries. The popularity of MAC Cosmetics allowed the brand to expand into prominent department stores such as Macy's, Nordstrom, Belk and Dillard's. MAC Cosmetics products are designed to be used by individuals as well as beauty professionals.

Avon is famous for selling its makeup and beauty items directly to consumers through its independent sales representatives. Company founder David H. McConnell defied 19th-century norms when he aimed to create a company that empowered women economically. The Avon lady became synonymous with beauty and financial independence for countless women. While Avon products are usually sold through sales representatives, they can also be purchased online.

Urban Decay offers popular makeup and beauty products in uniquely bold shades.

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