What Are Some Famous Examples of Swimsuit Malfunctions?


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The most famous swimsuit malfunction in recent years occurred when "The Hills" star Heidi Montag lost her bikini top in Costa Rica in 2010. This swimsuit malfunction is particularly famous because it happened not long after Montag had undergone a series of extensive plastic surgery procedures, including a breast enlargement.

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Other recent examples of famous celebrity swimsuit malfunctions include pop star Avril Lavigne losing her bikini top while swimming in the ocean and singer Ciara letting her nip slip at Miami Beach in 2011. Nicole "CoCo" Austin also let her nip slip in Miami Beach that same year.

Katy Perry arguably remains owns the most famous swimsuit malfunction example after she lost her bikini bottom in a wave pool in 2012. Though technically not a swimsuit "malfunction," many celebrities have been famously photographed topless at topless or nude beaches by the paparazzi over the years. Perhaps the most famous example of this is a series of photos of Cameron Diaz topless at the beach taken in 1998. More recently, controversial pop sensation Miley Cirus was photographed swimming topless in January 2015. Supermodel Joanna Kruppa was also photographed swimming topless while a companion took glamour shots of her in June of 2015.

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