What Famous Actress Has a Wedge Hair Style?


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As of 2015, the famous actresses wearing wedge hairstyles are Portia DeRossi, Helen Mirren, Keri Hilson, Jenny McCarthy, Ashley Greene and Katie Holmes. Carey Mulligan has alternated between a pixie and a wedge haircut on occasion, but is always known for her shorter hair.

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While she is not an actress, celebrity Victoria Beckham has famously worn her hair in a wedge style for many years. She has gone back to this style on multiple occasions. The wedge hairstyle was originally made famous in 1976 by Olympic gold medalist figure skater Dorothy Hamill. She accepted her medal on the podium at age 19 wearing the hairstyle, and it became her signature look, inspiring the trend for women across the world and winning her multiple endorsements.

The wedge is similar to the bob except for the fact that the hair becomes more narrow the further it gets from the top of the head. It is named this for the obvious reason that it is in the shape of a wedge. The look has since been modernized, with the introduction and styling of the inverted wedge haircut and the pixie haircut. The wedge haircut can also be accomplished with longer hairstyles if the hair is still narrow and flows inward.

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