How Do I Do Fairy Makeup?

How Do I Do Fairy Makeup?

You can draw beautiful fairy makeup on your face adding an oil-based eye pencil, sparkly eyeshadow and glitter to your regular makeup routine. You can easily create your fairy look in just a few minutes.

  1. Apply your foundation

    A good fairy look begins with a solid foundation, so create your base using your favorite cream or mineral makeup.

  2. Create a smoky eye

    Use light and shimmery colors on your eyelids. You can use sparkly green, blue, pink or purple to accentuate your eyelids. Combine all of these colors or blend one or two to create a unique design. Shade your entire lid to the base of your eyebrow.

  3. Line your eyes

    Line your lids with an oil-based eye pencil. You can make your lines thin or thick. You can extend your lines beyond your eyes or make a swirl pattern. Use your creativity to draw a design that is right for you.

  4. Draw a design

    Draw a design on the side of your face or beside your eyes. Some popular designs include butterflies, wings and swirl patterns.

  5. Add a little sparkle with glitter

    Apply colored glitter to your eyeliner and face design with a small makeup brush. You can use a simple, solid color or a variety of colors.

  6. Finish your look

    Finish your fairy makeup by applying a shimmery powder, a thick coat of mascara and lipstick. Use the steps above to line your lips and make them sparkle.