How Do You Get Fair Skin?

Attaining fair skin can be accomplished by using orange peels as a natural bleaching agent, as well as using sunscreen and body lotion to protect the skin. Dead skin cells must be scrubbed away before applying lightening agents.

Orange peels need to be dried and ground into a fine powder to be used as a bleaching mechanism. Users can mix different ingredients with the powder based on their skin type. For instance, people with oily skin should mix the orange powder with one teaspoon of Fuller's earth and rose water to make a natural bleaching solution. Thoroughly wash the face before applying the solution; rinse with cold water after 15 minutes. People with dry skin should add yogurt or olive oil to the powder to act as a natural moisturizer.

Nourishing masks add more moisture to the skin while safeguarding it from the bleaching process. Almonds and papaya are natural ingredients that can be used for this purpose. Nourishing masks also lighten the skin and reverse the effects of tanning. Sunscreen should also be worn to protect lighter skin from UV damage; choose one that has a high SPF content. Drinking eight to 10 glasses of water each day further enhances skin health.