How Do You Fade Tattoos?


Modern technology offers many techniques to fade tattoos including laser tattoo removal, intense pulsed light therapy and tattoo removal creams. Many do-it-yourself tattoo removal methods exist, including freezing the tattoo or removal with liquid bleach, but most are dangerous and ineffective.

Rising demand for tattoo removal has resulted in the expansion of tattoo removal modalities, according to The Huffington Post. Laser tattoo removal is offered by many primary care physicians, dermatologists and spas. Laser tattoo removal works by using beams of light targeted at the tattoo to break up the ink pigment. Different lasers are used for different ink colors, but black is the easiest color to remove because it responds to all wavelengths. The size and color of a tattoo determines the number of sessions required for removal, but some tattoos are removed in as few as 2 or 4 sessions, according to Web MD.

A removal method related to laser tattoo removal is intense pulsed light therapy. The major difference between laser removal and IPLT is the type of light wave utilized. IPLT is generally offered in spas and is reportedly less painful than laser tattoo removal, but is much more expensive.

Alternatives to laser removal and IPLT are bleaching creams and saline removal. Many tattoo bleaching creams are available for use at home and provide a slightly less expensive alternative to other modes of removal. Some tattoo artists offer saline removal for tattoos. Bleaching and saline removal are both known to fade tattoos, but are not the best techniques for full removal.