What Are Some Facial Treatments That Help Even Out Skin Tone?


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Treatments for uneven skin tone include hydroquinone, laser or intense pulsed light treatments, and prescription retinoids, reports WebMD. Some treatments require the assistance of a physician, while others are available over-the-counter.

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Hydroquinone is Food and Drug Administration-approved for bleaching pigmentation. Hydroquinone is available in over-the-counter formulas in small percentages. Used daily, products with hydroquinone can reduce brown spots and help even out skin tone in four months to one year, reports WebMD.

Laser resurfacing is a procedure conducted by professionals in a clinical setting. There treatments improve skin tone and treat facial flaws. Ablative lasers remove thin layers of the skin, while nonablative lasers stimulate collagen growth in the skin. Laser and light treatments can improve complexion and skin tone, states Mayo Clinic.

Prescription retinoids slow the breakdown of collagen and lighten uneven skin pigmentation due to sun exposure. Usually applied daily, these creams or gels can even skin tone within six to eight weeks, states WebMD.

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