How Does a Facial Shape Chart Help You Determine Your Facial Shape?


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Facial shape charts help you determine your face shape by offering physical representations or detailed descriptions of face shapes such as oval, round, square, long or heart face shapes for comparison. Standing close to a mirror with your hair pulled back, you can trace the outline of your face onto a mirror with lipstick or an erasable marker. Compare the resulting shape to the examples shown in the chart to reach a conclusion.

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It is also possible to determine your face shape by comparing it to descriptions, which may appear in a chart or listed in an article. Each face shape has unique characteristics such as the prominent cheekbones of a diamond-shaped face or the pointy chin of the heart-shaped face. Comparing different facial measurements such as the length of the face and the width of the temple, cheekbone and jaw line measurements can also help distinguish different face shapes.

Knowing your face shape helps you choose flattering hairstyles, eyebrow shapes and accessories such as glasses and earrings. For example, a flat eyebrow shape can keep an oval or long face shape from looking too long. Round earrings can soften the angular features of a square or diamond-shaped face. Hairstyles longer than chin length can visually slim and elongate round face shapes.

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