How Is a Facial Scrub Helpful With Acne?


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A facial scrub removes excess surface skin cells and sebum that block pores leading to acne, according to A Woman's Health. Facial scrubs can remove skin cells mechanically or through chemical means.

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A facial scrub is a product containing fine, gritty abrasives that lift away dead surface skin cells. Some facial scrubs also include an exfoliating chemical, such as a fruit-based enzyme to help the process along. Facial scrubs with round abrasives are generally preferred, as they are more gentle on the skin than micro-particles with rough, jagged edges, as stated by A Woman's Health.

Regular exfoliation can help prevent the appearance of acne and blemishes by clearing the skin's pores. According to Sonya Dakar, acne-prone skin tends to turn over new skin cells at a faster rate than the average person. However, as these new cells are created, the old cells don't fall away fast enough. They build up around the skin's pores, clogging them with skin cells, dirt and sebum. This provides a great growing medium for acne causing bacteria trapped inside the pore. A facial scrub helps remove those clogs from pores, as well as the rest of the excess surface skin cells. After removal, many also find that their other acne fighting skin creams and serums are better absorbed for more effective treatment.

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