How Do You Do a Facial at Home?

How Do You Do a Facial at Home?

To do a facial at home, wash and exfoliate facial skin. Open facial pores with steam, and then apply a mask. After removing the mask, moisturize the entire face. This facial is appropriate for all skin types.

  1. Wash your face

    Wash your face, neck and ears with a facial cleanser to remove dirt and grime. Remove all makeup with a makeup remover.

  2. Exfoliate facial skin

    Exfoliate facial skin by rubbing an exfoliating scrub all over your face using circular motions. Pay special attention to areas of the face that are most oily. Rinse your face well to remove all the exfoliating scrub.

  3. Use steam

    Fill the sink with warm water, submerge a washcloth and press it to your face. Repeat this step two to three times. Steam from a tea kettle reaps the same effects.

  4. Apply a mask

    Apply a facial mask following the product's instructions. For oily skin, use a clay-based product. For dry skin, use a hydrating product. A homemade mask is also acceptable.

  5. Remove the mask

    Rinse your face well with warm water to completely remove the mask.

  6. Use facial moisturizer

    Spread a thin layer of a basic face moisturizer on your face and neck. Virgin coconut oil can be substituted for a facial moisturizing product.