What Are Some Facial Fillers Used Under the Eyes?


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Doctors can use Belotero, Juvéderm or Restylane to fill depressions under the eyes. Juvéderm may cause more swelling around the eye than other fillers, so some doctors do not use it to plump depressions in the tear trough area. Doctors may use a dermal filler premixed with lidocaine to make injections less painful.

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What Are Some Facial Fillers Used Under the Eyes?
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The results achieved with dermal fillers typically last one year, and patients should expect to receive touch-up injections every year to maintain their results. Some patients' fillers last five to seven years without needing any additional injections.

Dermal fillers can cause blue shadows underneath the eye. This side effect, called the Tyndall effect, is less common with new fillers but is still a possibility. Any filler may also cause edema around the eye area, especially if the patient has existing swelling in that region. Central retinal artery occlusion, which causes permanent blindness, is possible when injecting dermal fillers in the face.

If the skin underneath the eyes is in poor condition, a doctor may recommend laser skin rejuvenation or surgery to correct depressions in the tear trough area. Treating thin or stretched lower eyelid skin with dermal fillers can make the tear trough area look worse. Sometimes doctors use a combination of surgery, laser skin rejuvenation and dermal fillers to achieve good results. Doctors may also use Botox to address wrinkles under the eye.

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