Is Face Waxing Safe?

Face waxing is a safe method to remove unwanted facial hair, but the method can loosen facial skin. This is because facial skin is very thin and delicate compared to other skin areas on the body. Frequently waxing facial skin can lead to loosening the skin, especially the area around the mouth.

Waxing is an effective method for hair removal because it removes hair follicles at the root, unlike shaving which simply shaves off the hair above the surface of the skin. Women are not recommended to shave off hair on their face, as the hair will grow back darker and stronger than it was there before. Beauty salons commonly offer special face wax methods that leave the skin feeling smooth and replenished but it should be noted that waxing is a very aggressive method of removing hair follicles and since the skin on the face is delicate, this could lead to loosening the skin prematurely.

Another option is bleaching the facial hair. This changes the color of the hair so it is easily camouflaged. Another method is threading, where someone uses a thread in a criss-cross method to remove the hair. This method is quite painful, though and must be done regularly because it doesn't remove the hair follicles at the root. It can also leaving scarring on the face.

One can also opt for laser hair removal, although it can be very expensive. There are also hair removal creams, but these creams can be very irritating to the skin and can not be used regularly.