How Do You Face Paint Your Face Like a Black Cat?

To paint a black cat face, you need makeup sponges, a makeup brush, makeup pencils, liquid eyeliner and face paint in black, white and pink. Tissues and water are useful for cleaning up.

Using a makeup sponge, start by painting the forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose and chin black. Leave space around the eyes and mouth and the tip of the nose. Next, use a makeup pencil in black to create wing shapes starting from the inner eyes to the temples. Fill in any spaces between the wings with black. Line again just under the black with white or gray. Use a fresh makeup sponge to fill in the area around the eyes with white. Use the liquid liner or black eyeliner pencil to create cat eyes.

Using a pink or black makeup pencil, draw a heart on the tip of the nose, drawing it down in a straight line to the lips. Fill in the heart using a makeup brush and pink face paint. Use the white makeup sponge to fill in the area from the top of the lips to nose and out halfway across the cheeks. You can paint the lips pink or black, or leave them natural. Use a black makeup pencil to create dots on the lip. Use the liquid liner to draw whiskers from the nose halfway across the cheek so that it goes outside the white.